“Grab our service and let us take the stress out of your move”

Trunk Japan offers an “International Moving Service & Premium Storage Service” for expatriates who were forced to return home country due to various situations happening in Myanmar. We hope to solve the problem of paying high rents by providing a “One-stop service” from packing, transportation, storage, unpacking and relocation on behalf of our clients. We can also purchase and dispose of unwanted furniture and appliances upon customer request. We believe that our service will be a reliable and cost-saving service for expatriate individuals, companies, and all organizations.

 Trunk Japanは、帰国を余儀なくされている駐在員の方々のために、「海外引越サービス」「一時引越ストレージサービス」を提供しております。


Service / ご提供サービス

1 Packing 梱包

We carry out the packing process while connecting to the customer via video conference.

2 Moving 輸送

Move to Japanese-affiliated storage warehouse

3 Storaging 保管

It will be stored in a well-maintained air-conditioned room.

4 Reinstall 再設置

We will reinstall the items when the customer returns to Myanmar.

Why we are chosen / 我々が選ばれる理由

1 Highest Servive Quality 最高品質のサービス

We provide the only one-stop service for temporary relocation in Myanmar. We have tie-ups with US and Japanese logistics companies. Japanese language is also available.

Reliable female support 女性スタッフ対応

Our female staff will handle the packing of clothing and underwear for female customers. We provide a safe and secure service.

Purchase / disposal services for unwanted items

We will purchase or dispose of any unwanted furniture, appliances, etc. that are generated during a temporary move.

4 Affordable Price 良心的な価格設定

We pursue the highest quality and we offer flexible pricing according to the type and volume of cargo you need.

Onestop Package Price(Monthly)/ワンストップサービス(月額)

Small Portion(少量プラン)USD200~
Single Pack(単身プラン) USD500~
Family Pack(家族プラン) USD700~

The Flow of Our Service / サービスの流れ

Contact ご連絡

Please describe the details of your temporary move from ”Get a quote”.
お客様の一時引越内容につき”Get a quote”から記載をお願いします。

Quotation / Contract お見積り/契約

We will provide you with a rough estimate. If possible, we will visit your home in advance to formulate a more detailed estimate in advance. If the customer can agree on the quotation, we will conclude the contract via e-mail.

Schedule / Payment スケジュール/お支払い

We will schedule the implementation of the temporary move according to the customer’s request. (Payment shall be made within 5 business days after signing the contract.)

Moving 一時引越し

On the day of the temporary move, we will pack and transport the customer’s belongings while connecting with the customer via videocall. The customer’s belongings will be kept safe in a Japanese company’s air-conditioned room.

*We will purchase and dispose of unwanted furniture and appliances on the same day. You will need to contact us in advance about any unwanted items. (This is because we need to agree on the appraisal price with you in advance.

Return / Reinstall ご返品/再設置

When the customer decides to return to Myanmar and will contact us. We will unpack and reinstall the customer’s belongings before the return to home.