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ZERO2ONE was established in Myanmar in April 2021. Our mission is to create a world where effort is rewarded. We have witnessed firsthand the realities faced by individuals who find it difficult to escape the cycle of poverty due to their upbringing and environment. It is our wish to support young people who, despite these challenging circumstances, strive to change their lives through hard work and perseverance. Moreover, we also play a role in supporting Japanese industries facing severe labor shortages due to an aging population and declining birthrate. We believe that by working in Japan, these young people can support various Japanese industries, thereby contributing to their own growth and prosperity as well.
Our goal is to assist young people in forging their own paths in life, helping to realize a more equitable society filled with possibilities.

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Daiki Kato / 加藤大樹

1982年東京都目黒区生まれ。2004年に慶應義塾大学卒業後、パナソニック株式会社に入社。海外トレーニーとしてタイ赴任、戦略企画部門に携わり、中東・アフリカ・インドの事業立ち上げに従事。豊田通商株式会社に移籍し、ミャンマー・ラオス・カンボジアにおける新会社・新規事業立ち上げ、M&Aに従事。2018年にミャンマーに赴任し、TTAS社(Toyota Myanmar Sales)の社長を務めました。2021年、ミャンマーにてZERO2ONE社を創業。

Born in Meguro-ku, Tokyo in 1982, he graduated from Keio University in 2004 and joined Panasonic Corporation. He was posted to Thailand as an overseas trainee and worked in the strategic planning department, where he was involved in the establishment of businesses in the Middle East, Africa, and India. Moved to Toyota Tsusho Corporation and engaged in new company and new business launch and M&A in Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.In 2018, he was posted to Myanmar and served as President of TTAS (Toyota Myanmar Sales). In 2021, he founded ZERO2ONE Company in Myanmar.

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